Required online trainings & Volunteer online background check link


  1. NFHS Required Trainings: Please make sure you send me a copy of your required NFHS online trainings (every 2 years) to keep on file for all paid and volunteer coaches. You can print and deliver or scan and email:
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    • Concussion
    • Heat Illness Prevention
  2. Warsaw Community Schools Required Trainings: Training for Suicide Prevention- QPR (every year for paid coaches) and NEW 1st aid/cpr/AED training (every 2 years for paid coaches left alone with team)
    • See Binkerd or Hamstra for training dates and opportunities
  3. Annual volunteer coach extended background check: Below is the online link to the application to be completed BEFORE the coach works with any student-athletes:
    1. English Volunteer Application:
    2. Spanish Volunteer Application: