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Adult Tiger Booster Club

The WCHS Adult Tiger Booster Club is committed to helping promote all sanctioned athletic programs at WCHS. The money raised by Concession Stand sales, Stadium Seat Cushions,  “W” yard signs, “Pop Shoot Out”, and memberships , goes towards helping all 21 sports at WCHS.

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The Booster Club also sponsors the annual Senior Sports Banquet held in the Spring where Scholarships (applications found at kcfoundation.org) are given out in each sport, along with an Adult Tiger Booster Club Achievement Award. The Booster Club also provides the program books that are given out at the sporting events.

Please support the Booster Club by becoming a member today.

Board Members
Andy Alspaugh
Marlin Carr
Lynn Kelley
Cheryl Lacheta
Jeryl Leamon
Christi Price
Jennifer Stouder

President: Jeryl Leamon
Cell:  260-579-5938
Vice President: Christi Price
Treasurer: Marlin Carr
Secretary: Lynn Kelly