Tigers News · Honoring Spring Sports Seniors: Angela Martinez-Ortiz (Rugby)

Angela Martinez-Ortiz (Rugby)

  • Parents names: Javier Martinez and Ernestina Ortiz
  • Any additional sports/clubs you participated in: 

    Soccer, Hip-Hop Club, Latino Club,
  •  Any special awards/recognition (can be outside of sports as well: WCHS Top Student, A/B Honor Rolls, Inspire Wall nominee
  • What is your plan after HS graduation?
    College undecided but majoring in Nursing or Dental
  • Message to Parents: Thank you for always keeping me in check and reminding me to take advantage of this opportunity you weren’t given, also thank you for picking me up and driving me from sports to clubs especially on those late night games, los quiero.
  • Message to teammates: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play alongside all of you and giving me a supportive family that I know I can always count on. I had some of my most memorable times on and off the field with them.
  • Message to coaches:
    Big thank you for not only being there for us as coaches but as mentors I saw first hand how much Coach Trevor really cared about us, he was never afraid to show it, not only him but all the rugby coaches who truly pushed us both mentally and physically to become better.
  • Favorite moment of this sport while at Warsaw: My favorite moment was when in North Carolina for our Rugby Tournament I thought our coaches didn’t know about my birthday because I kept it quite. Then at the end of the day, they surprised me with 3 small cakes and we had Chicken Alfredo and rolls for dinner it was definitely a memorable night.