Tigers News · Honoring Spring Sports Seniors: Katrielle Rogers (G. Tennis)

Katrielle Rogers (G. Tennis)

  • Parents names: Kathy and Gary Rodgers


  • Any additional sports/clubs you participated in: 

    Band. Science academic team
  • What is your plan after HS graduation? I plan on going to Purdue to major in biomedical engineering.


  • Message to Parents:  Thank you for being there for me through high school and always supporting me when I wanted to try something new or do something crazy. I’ve been involved in a lot of different activities, and you guys were always really supportive and drove me around everywhere when I tried different things.


  • Message to teammates:   Tennis has been a lot of fun for me, and meeting everyone on the team was a huge part of that. I had a lot of fun at all the team dinners and matches, and I’ll miss you guys. These couple of years have really flown by.


  • Message to coaches:  Thank you for being very easy to talk to and listening.


  • Favorite moment of this sport while at Warsaw: My favorite moment is probably hanging out in Gracie and Olivia’s car for hours waiting for it to stop raining. At first it seemed pretty boring, but when you’re stuck in a car for forever hilarious stuff happens, such as Nadine lunging to honk at everyone who walked by.