Tigers News · Honoring Spring Sports Seniors: Katherine Josellis (G. Tennis)

Katherine Josellis (G. Tennis)

  • Parents names: Donna and Friedrich Josellis

  • Any additional sports/clubs you participated in: 

    JROTC Color Guard, JROTC Community Services, Boomerang Backpacks, Red Cross Club
  •  Any special awards/recognition (can be outside of sports as well:  JROTC Battalion Commander, HOBY Leadership Award, Principal’s Choice Student 2018, American Legion’s Scholastic Excellence Award 2019, JCLC Junior Cadet Leadership Camp Top Cadet in Company 2019, and Junior Cadet Leadership Camp Top 10 Cadet in Company 2018


  • What is your plan after HS graduation?  After I graduate from Warsaw Community High School, I will continue my journey to the Bloomington Campus of Indiana University to study Human Resource Management.


  • Message to Parents:  Thank you for being so supportive of me. High school has not always been easy, but you guys taught me how important to push myself as a student, athlete, and person of the community. I love you Mom and Dad!!!


  • Message to teammates:  Not exactly how I saw the spring season Of my senior years going, but I am glad for the years we did have to play together. Thank you for all the matches we have played and competitions we have kicked butt at. I wish you all the best!


  • Message to coaches:  Thank you for your years of guidance. I have watched myself grow quite a bit in tennis, and I am very thankful you have been there for our team.


  • Favorite moment of this sport while at Warsaw: My favorite moment was when I was in a singles match during a day that was a bit more cloudy. It began to rain, but the match had not been cancelled yet, so we continued. The court became a bit slippery, and all of a sudden my opponent slipped and accidentally did the splits. We kind of looked at each other and thought it was all a funny ordeal. After that, the match was cancelled, but it was just a funny little moment.