Boys Varsity Track · Boys Track Cleanup at Chinworth Trails

Members from the Warsaw Community High School Boys Track team participated in picking up trash around the Chinworth Trails.  This is in an effort to keep the trail clean for all to enjoy.

1st Row:  Caden Silveus, Jeremy Campbell, Noah Bohnenkamper, Eli Owen, Cameron Harness and Ryan Bonebrake
2nd Row:  Coach Matt Thacker, Jacob Kissling, Ridley Lemon, John Culbertson, Logan Anderson, Keagan Larsh, Noa Tilden, Fernando Niebia and Coach Nate Howett
3rd Row:  Marston Norris, Dane Stookey, Jayton Brock, Nick Miller, Kennis Dye, Austin Meads, Bryce Garner, Tyler Monesmith, Will Graney, Ian Peloza, Austin Fleming and Tyler Metzinger